Bitcoin Block Origin is closed.

There was a time where bitcoin mining was completely different than what it was today. At that time, it was practically impossible to tell which pool had mined which block. There were sites that were guessing the origin of the block, but there was no reliable way to know which block was mined by whom, except from getting the data directly from the mining pool. Out of frustration about the sometimes completely wrong information that was being spread by an unfortunately popular blockexplorer, this site was created to provide correct information, it had a database of all mining pools and scraped those sites to figure out which pool mined what. We even had several arrangements with certain pools that provided reliable data directly to us while not disclosing it publicly on their own site. This caused blockorigin to be the only reliable source of data regarding the origin of mined blocks for a long time.

However, the way bitcoins are mined has changed. Pools now mine to a rarely changing address, and use coinbase markers to indicate the origin of a block. This means that figuring out who mined a block is now a lot simpler, and does no longer involve site scraping and such. Therefore, sites like Blockexplorer and Blocktrail have a reliable index and ranking of pools, which made this site obsolete.

Since I was no longer giving an added value to the community, I've decided to close this site. Maintaining this site is just a wasted effort if you can find the same data and much, much more on other sites.

Blockorigin is created by kinlo, find me on freenode. Donations are welcome on 1CANg4QHQ9ytA5R8eHZvEc7qiS1caW2YtX